Quality Control

We continuously monitor and improve our processes to better satisfy customer requirements.

With the help of a fully staffed quality control department Superior Machine, Inc. continuously monitors and improves our processes at all facets of the manufacturing business to better satisfy our customer requirements. We will deliver no defects and on-time parts. Superior Machine, Inc. is an ISO 9002-compliant manufacturing and fabrication facility that practices quality control far beyond our shop floor. Quality is at the forefront of every step of the way at Superior Machine. It is utilized from the very first time your product reaches our docks as a raw material until it is loaded at the shipping dock to be delivered to its destination as a finished product.

We maintain various controlled and calibrated measuring devices. These devices range from micrometers, calipers, and thread gauges to the Merlin and Metris CMM. SMI also has an optical comparator, an A, B, & C scale Rockwell hardness tester, several surface testers, and mill thickness gauges. These are just part of the controlled instruments and machines used to monitor quality at Superior Machine, Inc.

Superior Machine, Inc. continuously monitors and improves its processes to better satisfy customer requirements and will deliver no defects and on-time parts.

ISO Certificate. About Superior Machine manufacturing

Material traceability is available upon request on all manufactured parts. Any reports, inspections, or special documents that are requested by your company such as an ISIR, PPAP, or any other type of data-gathering document, will be developed by our QC department and processed to your specific requests.

A major reason for the success of Superior Machine, Inc. is directly related to the decision of SMI’s owner to implement a Quality Systems program back in 1997 when the business started growing at an alarming rate. He made the commitment to make quality control a main factor in the company.

Since the beginning of this system in 1997, every process for every part manufactured at SMI has a signature confirming that each of these inspections did take place. This procedure has been proven to work, so these inspections will continue to take place ensuring that SMI will always produce a higher standard of quality than our competitors.

Our Quality Systems program includes:

First Inspection

Mandatory first piece inspection for every operation on every component produced

In-Progress Inspection

Constant in-progress inspection

Final Inspection

Final inspection using a standard lot process

We also cater to the needs of our customers with other required inspections and reports.