We supply our customers with a complete “turnkey” product made to their specifications.

CMC mill, CNC lathes & mills fabricating

cnc machine centers

  • 16 horizontal machine center with up to 4-axis
  • 8 vertical machine centers with up to 4-axis
  • Part sizes range from .125” to 43” in height, .50” to 40” in width, and up to 240” long
CNC lathe at work, CNC lathes & mills fabricating

cnc lathes

  • 22 live tooling lathes featuring up to 4 axes, including sub spindle as well as a long bed for added capabilities
  • 11 2-axis lathes
  • 10 of our lathes are equipped with bar-pushing capabilities up to 4.50” in diameter
  • Turn up to 24” diameter and 8’ long
Man welding in welding mask

welding & fabrication

  • Fully staffed welding department featuring mig and tig welding
  • 4 broach machines – can design and fabricate our custom horns and can broach tapered bored keyways
  • CNC Bender
  • Carbide hard facing
  • Shot blast cabinet
Gloved hand spray painting a metal piece

paint & finishing

  • Established in both wet and powder coat with wash station and oven
  • Work with several companies that offer all forms of heat treating, ion nitriding, zinc plating, meloniting, black oxide, laser cladding, anodizing, chrome plating, thermal spray
Quality control measuring device

programming & quality control

  • ISO 9002-compliant
  • Master Cam used for programming machines
  • 2 CMM machines with CMM Manager software – can import and program from models
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • CAD / Solidworks / SigmaNEST
Mans hand turning a bolt, CNC lathes & mills fabricating


  • Offer turnkey assembly operations so we can be a one-stop shop
Mazak laser cutting metal, CNC lathes & mills fabricating

mazak lasers

  • 10,000 and 6,000 watt Fiberoptic Laser
  • 60” x 120” table with pallet changer
  • Cut up to 1” steel and .625” aluminum and stainless
Man operating a brake press machine, metal fabrication.

brake press

  • 88-ton Safan Darley
  • 100” working length
OD Grinder at work

od grinding

  • Grind up to 10” diameter and 30” long
swiss machines, CNC lathes & mills fabricating

swiss machines

  • Up to 1.25” diameter
  • 7 axis with sub spindle
  • Live tooling
Production saw cutting through metal pipe

other services

  • 6 production saws with a maximum 20” diameter and up to 240” long
  • Ability to cut angles
  • 3 gun drills – 2” diameter max and up to 48” depth
  • 4 broach machines with a maximum of 72” pull
  • Horizontal Gear Hob
  • Davis key-seater
  • 2 manual lathes
  • Radial arm drill
  • Tube bending
  • Cold-saw size range from 2.75”-6.5” diameter round bar
  • Blanchard grinder


We specialize in small and large quantity runs.