We Are A CNC Machining & Fabrication Facility

We have been serving our customer base with CNC Machining, Fabricating, and Welding since 1994. We work closely with our customers to assure they are getting the parts they need. With many different CNC Lathes and Mills, we pride ourselves with competitive lead times and quick turnaround times. Our shipping department will ship to specific customer instructions to get parts where they are going without being damaged. Don’t forget to ask us about painting and our turnkey assembly operations.

At Superior Machine, there is no such thing as a job “too small” or “too big”. We specialize in small and large quantity runs. We take blanket orders and inventory parts for our customers so they have parts when we need them.

Superior Machine works with several steel vendors to assure the best quality and pricing. We also give the customer the option to supply material if they wish. Furthermore, we work with a wide variety of materials such as carbon, alloys, aluminum, stainless, cast, plastic, and more.

Superior Machine uses world class Solidworks software. With the 3D designing capabilities, we have the ability to make prints per customer needs.

If You Have Any Questions Please Call Us Or E-mail Us

  641-932-5999     smi@superiormachineia.com

We Offer Universal Ordering System

  • Customer can supply material or SMI will purchase it
  • Manufacture parts or products complete to “turn key” or we can machine just one operation of it
  • Produce your parts in quantity levels ranging from small proto-type runs up to batches of thousands of pieces of the same part
  • Experienced in machining a wide range of materials including Carbons, alloys, cast, ductile, stainless, aluminum, brass, copper and plastics
  • Experienced with many forms of material such as bar stock, plate, flame cut, laser cut, water jet, extrusions, weldments, forgings, castings and investment castings
  • Offers a wide range in size of parts we can machine.  For rounds as small as .080” O.D. up to an O.D. of 28”. For other shapes like flats, squares, rectangles, oblongs down to 1/8” up to 32” in height, 1/2” to 40” in width and ½” to 240” in length
  • Have in-house wet and powder coat painting and access to many other finishing services through several business partners in the fields of heat treating, nitriding, zinc plating, anodizing, chrome plating and others
  • We can accommodate any type of order even ones that require parts to be inventoried. We can inventory your parts in our warehouse and ship them as the customer requests